Biryani from the land of pearls

Biryani from the land of pearlsOne of my latest work diaries gave me a chance to visit the city of Nizams- Hyderabad last week. It was a one-day stopover, packed with back-to-back work meetings and I didn’t have much time to go out and dine. A day back, I had read somewhere that the famous Bawarchi restaurant (founded by the Dhadkan star, Sunil Shetty) is now listed on foodpanda and their lip smacking culinary delights can now be ordered via their app or website.  So I decided to order from the acclaimed restaurant with the help of foodpanda’s app.

I had heard quite a lot about this restaurant since it was just a small café serving tea and snacks. But now they say that it has turned into a destination for aficionados of delectable Hyderabadi cuisine.

Needless to mention, I zeroed in on ordering chicken biryani – the holy grail of food in the city. The process of ordering was as simple as ever and I was able to order with few clicks. The order was delivered within the stipulated time in a nicely done packaging.

The biryani was simply irresistible and mouthwatering. I have eaten countless digs of this dish but this one deserves a special mention. The taste was unmistakable and from the saffron-laced rice to the mushy and tender chicken pieces, this biryani satiated my taste buds.Unlike the over-spiced rice and dried out chicken pieces in most Hyderabadi biryanis, this dish had the perfect aroma of the rice mixed with an absolutely right amount of authentic Indian spices.

No wonder this place draws hundreds of food connoisseurs to its doorstep every day.

Comparisons are always scornful and a bit discriminatory but biryani is said to be the nawab of dishes and is a world renowned food item. It hails from this city when it was initially introduced by the Hyderabadi Nizams. So inevitably, my expectations from this place were very high.

And this biryani didn’t fail to impress me.

The hustling metropolitan, land of pearls and home to the symbolic Charminar- Hyderabad is also commended with the prominent invention in the world of culinary; the one invention, that brought grins from ear to ear, still does, and will do for generations to come, the sumptuous Biryani.

I’m glad that I could manage to stuff my belly with an amazing finger-licking plate of biryani and returned home pleased and satisfied with a keeper in my taste memory.


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