5 colour options for that perfect bridal Lehenga this season

Red: Okay, before you scream “boring”, let us tell you that red remains an unparalleled favourite and for plenty of good reasons. First of all, this colour is traditionally considered the most auspicious in India. Secondly, red has a way of bringing out the best in the Indian skin tone. Also, it pairs beautifully with a variety of jewellery, making it a very safe bet. Do give this hue a shot this season!


Gold: Think opulence and instantly the royal colour of gold comes to mind. If you want to be one of those truly regal-looking brides, go for this rich shade. But remember to keep the other accents of your ensemble extremely simple to maintain a sophisticated balance.

Family of Pinks: There is a reason this colour brigade has been a favourite with Indian brides for years now. Softer shades of pink give a very subtle, mellow glow. Bolder shades such as fuchsia are perfect if you wish to make a more glamorous statement.

Orange: When it comes to wedding Lehengas, let’s just say Orange is the new red! This bright shade is all the rage in the wedding market of the country, thanks to its inimitable ability to make the bride look super radiant. Pair your orange Lehenga with heavy gold jewellery and watch how people talk of your bridal ensemble years after your nuptials are over.

Blue: Yes, blue! And no, not for your engagement or reception outfit but for your wedding Lehenga. Blue has caught on as the quirky, brave choice for fashion-forward brides. If you feel it is too non-traditional for your taste but you still seek some adventure, pair a blue Lehenga skirt with a red choli or a heavy red bridal dupatta and get ready to be the most stunning bride of the season!

Courtesy: Bhavya Chawla, Senior Stylist, Voonik.com

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