Tame your curls Tina Desai’s way

Tina 3 lr

Actress Tina Desai, who has beautiful curls, says avoiding satin pillow covers and using deep conditioning helps to tame her tresses.

She has shared a few quick easy tricks you can use to make your curls behave:

* Do deep conditioning the natural way and leave the chemically strong shampoos and conditioners behind. A base of eggs and a pinch of lemon keep your curls tangle free.

* Whatever products or the amount of hours you put in straightening your hair with iron would not give you the desired look. To go on the straighter scale, try putting a few drops of hair oil and blow dry them reverse.

* An updo would solve a hundred woes. Tie a sleek tight bun and fix it up with a sleek scarf to give a neat stylish look.

* Use diffusers and serums on your roots and let your ends air dry so as not to dehydrate them and cause a frizz.

* For a settled look, tie your hair before you are off to bed and avoid satin pillow covers that would cause the frizz.

Source: IANS


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