Give your home a vintage makeover with these quick tips

People love to store and adorn with antiques as they have their own display, and an everlasting elegance and importance. Beautifying with vintage and antique furniture and materials is not limited to historic homes or formal rooms.

  • Perfect aide memoire – An Indian Vintage Table Telephone or careful placement of the Sword of Genghis Khan Letter Opener can act as a perfect aide memoire of your love for all things time-honored. A meek yet elegant vase in white can do wonders for the pristine quotient of your room. Featuring diamante embellishment on the front, the ceramic vase adds oodles of understated beauty to its environs.
  • Mix and Match – Mix and match old chairs and benches around a table and you are ready with a vintage style dining table. You can also paint them in a color of your choice.
  • Antique door handles – If you are moving houses or getting your ancestral home remodeled, you will definitely have a lot of door knobs and handles around that are to be replaced by new ones. Collect as many as you can and fix them up on a wooden plank (you will definitely find one lying around, with all the work going on). And hey! You now have a whole new wall décor item, which you can also use to hang stuff.
  • Vintage cycle décor – A single piece of scrap can actually make for a great garden décor. Take out the tires and polish the rims of the wheel. Paint the cycle in some bright color that you like – red, blue, yellow, and pink. Attach one wicker basket on the handle and one on the back. These baskets will act as planters for some bright colourful flowering plants.

Source: FabFurnish


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